Terms & Conditions


My Terms and conditions are as follows:


  • 100 percent payment is due at the time of the shoot for new clients.

  • Clients with a good payment record may request to pay via invoice.

  • Invoiced payments are due within 30 days of the invoice being sent.

  • Late payments (over 30 days) - a 10 dollar late payment fee will apply + 1 percent per day up to 20 percent.


A 25% deposit is required alongside a signed contract before any work is undertaken. All clients must pay the balance within 30 days of billing or a late payment fee will apply as follows.

  • <30 days, no late payment fee will apply.

  • over 30 days - a 10 dollar late payment fee will apply + 1 percent per day up to 20 percent.

  • Anything over 90 days - legal action will be sought. This does not apply if we have already spoken and contract has been changed.

Pertaining to the drone

  • Drones must be operated legally and safely. If the Pilot in command decides the weather is bad or unsafe conditions exist (too many telephone wires, too much foot or road traffic, congested airspace) he may cancel the shoot or choose to reschedule.

  • Drones are regulated by the FAA and have airspace restrictions. Any airspace within 5 miles of an airport may have no fly zones and operating a drone in those zones is always illegal. Our pilots have up to date information on airspace restriction and will let you know ahead of time if that airspace is restricted.

  • Except for drone only packages, drone images are complimentary (free). We do not reduce the price of packages if the drone is unable to fly due to weather, restricted airspace or safety concerns.